Benefits of Vehicle Livery for a Business


Vinyl Vehicle graphics and livery car wraps play an important role in marketing a business. Thanks to its visibility and reach this innovative marketing tool is more effective than most of the marketing strategies.

Vehicle livery helps in getting your brand noticed by people from various backgrounds and demographics, at the same time without having to target a specific audience. It is one of the most affordable promotional tools.

Below mentioned are some of the key benefits of using vehicle livery:

  • Protection

A livery car wrap works as a protective skin for the vehicle paint. It protects the paint from the daily wear and tears like scratches and fading of the paint. Livery car wraps are waterproof and durable, they can sustain harsh weathers like extreme cold or heat.

Vehicle livery is very easy to install and remove. Installing or removing them does not impact the paintwork. The retail value of the vehicle is preserved as the livery protects the paintwork whereby increasing its resale value.

  • Cost-effective

Unlike the cost of billboards or TV and radio advertisements, the cost of vehicle livery is very less. Marketing tools like hoardings, paper advertisements, etc. incur recurring costs for as long as they are used for marketing purposes.

Whereas the vehicle car wrap expense is a one-time expense and if any changes required it can be easily changed at a very small cost. Vehicle livery needs only a small initial investment which is a fraction of the total cost of long-term advertising campaigns, however, it is effective and generates results for years.

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The livery is highly durable and can last up to 5-7 years, so you don’t have to worry about changing it for a long time. Wrapping a vehicle is also much cheaper than investing in a new paint job.

  • Attention-grabbing

Eye-catching vehicle car wraps will help your company vehicles stand out from the other vehicles on the road. Walking pedestrians or passing drivers may not notice a plain white van or company vehicle, however, an attractive well-designed car wrap on the vehicles can help grab their attention.

Colorful vehicle livery is engaging, it naturally gravitates people’s eyes towards them. People can easily notice and remember the company logo and other contact details printed in the livery.

  • Wider Reach

You can reach out easily to your target audience as your vehicles travel across the roads. Information about your products and services or details like your company contact information can easily reach thousands of people.

One can reach a larger audience with a vehicle wrap as compared to any other form of advertising. Several businesses have gained more customers from their vehicle wraps rather than the websites

  • Non-aggressive advertising

Vehicle car wraps or vinyl car graphics attract attention without any force or disturbance. Target customers can easily catch your message without major distraction from what they’re doing i.e. walking on the road or driving a car.

Customers respond better to advertising which is not intrusive and forceful. Vehicle livery is a form of silent advertising, which everyone notices and remembers but which is not intrusive and forceful like radio and TV advertisements. Many people enjoy the vibrancy and colorfulness of the vehicle wrap, without harboring negative feelings towards it.

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