Common Cancer Symptoms in Men and Women

Cancer Hospital in India

Cancer is when certain cells start multiplying rapidly and grow out of control. These masses start crowding normal cells and make it difficult for them to function normally. These masses are called tumors. These tumors can be biopsied at a cancer hospital in India to find out if they are cancerous or not. Not all tumors are cancerous; it first has to be biopsied if the results indicate they are not cancer, they are called benign tumors, and if the results indicate cancer they are called malignant tumors.

Improper lifestyle habits, genetics, environmental factors, and carcinogenic cells may cause cancer. It is not possible to root out the primary cause, but it is possible to spot the symptoms of cancer before it is too late. If you have any of these symptoms, visit hospitals like Max Health Care, one of the leading cancer hospitals in India as soon as possible.


Headaches for days can be an indicator of brain tumors. Bone cancer causes fractures and persistent bone pain.

Weight loss

Since your body is not functioning as it should, it will lead to weight loss. If you have noticed a rapid reduction in your weight without any apparent cause, consult a doctor immediately.


Feeling tired all the time is another symptom of cancer. Leukemia could keep you tired all the time; fatigue from weight loss could also make you tired. This may also be from lack of rest, so take a couple of days and rest well. Get some tests done if the feeling persists.

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High Fever or Fever that does not go away in three days can be an indication of lymphoma.

Skin Changes

Skin cancer sometimes manifests itself in the form of new bumps or moles on the body. Sometimes rashes and sickly looking patches of skin could be indicators of liver, kidney, ovarian cancer, or lymphoma.

Mouth Sores

Sores that don’t heal can be an indicator of oral cancer. If you happen to chew tobacco, smoke or consume a lot of alcohol, you are at a higher risk. If these sores do not go away, visit specialist hospitals like Max HealthCare immediately.

Persistent Cough

A persistent cough is definitely something to look into. Visit the best cancer hospitals in India in such a case to rule out serious medical issues.

Unusual Bleeding

Blood in your stool can be an indicator of rectal cancer or colon cancer while blood in your urine can be caused by tumors in the urinary tract. Either way, blood should not be in your urine or stool contact a doctor as soon as you see it.


These are just some of the early symptoms of cancer; it is always better to get answers as soon as possible. On experiencing any of these concerning symptoms, it is advisable to visit cancer hospitals like Max Health Care to get the best possible diagnosis and care. Max Healthcare is one of the leading cancer hospitals in India which has the best oncologists and surgeons.


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