Here’s Why Mid Range Chinese Phones are Still Going Strong This Year

Mid range Chinese smartphones

Buying a high-end smartphone almost feels like throwing money away. Especially when you see a large number of mid-range Chinese smartphones matching high-end devices spec for spec, or sometimes even going one-over. 

It’s no surprise that the four big Chinese smartphone manufacturers – Vivo, Realme, Oppo, and Xiaomi account for around 73% of the total Indian mobile market share. There are a number of reasons why mid-range Chinese smartphones are still going strong and show no signs of slowing down.

 # 1 Unbeatable Specs

Mid-range Chinese smartphones are equipped with hardware and features that are not found in their non-Chinese counterparts. A quick head-to-head comparison will show you how one-sided this match-up really is. What’s more, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have a strong R&D base, which means successive high-spec releases that hit the market in quick succession. 

The evolution of the 5000mah battery smartphone is a prime example of how innovation has moved ahead with every generation. Without mid-range Chinese smartphones, most of us would not be able to enjoy high-end specs at an affordable price.

# 2 Costly Alternatives

A non-Chinese alternative with all the features and hardware to match will be comparatively a lot more expensive. For buyers looking for Chinese alternatives, the choices are very limited. For persistent buyers, this would mean paying significantly more for a similar spec’d device. The Chinese brands have cornered the mid-range smartphone market and will rule this segment unless a strong domestic manufacturer pulls a magic trick out of their metaphorical hat.

 # 3 Aggressive Pricing

With the race for the top spot in the mid-range mobile phone category heating up, mobile phone manufacturers are bringing competitive pricing to the fore-front. With every successive launch, mobile phone prices seem to take a dive. 

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For consumers, this is a win-win as Chinese manufacturers are bound to offer the best value without compromising on quality, case in point the Vivo phone under 10000 INR. With their great value for money offers, sales of mid-range Chinese phones do not look like they will slow down anytime soon.

 # 4 No Indian Manufacturers

One of the biggest reasons behind the Chinese dominance of the mid-range mobile segment is the lack of strong local competition. In the past, domestic brands like Micromax, Intex, and Karbonn tried but failed to live up to customer expectations. When compared to their Chinese counterparts like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, and Oppo, Indian brands have a long way to go. To get such a huge undertaking off the ground, it would require huge investments and the support of the government.

 # 5 Timely Innovation

In a bid to gain significant market share, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have pushed the boundaries of innovation. With every new launch, mid-range smartphones are seeing technology upgrades and innovations that make them a compelling option.

Buying a budget smartphone is no longer just about buying the cheapest phone out there. Buyers can look forward to a large number of features that were once out of their reach. These innovative features are often well thought out and practical in everyday use.

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