5 Best Resume Templates for 2021 – Guidelines and Examples

5 Best Resume Templates for 2021

Flawlessly drafted resume is the gateway to bagging your dream job. Unless your resume is well-drafted with constructive inclusion of professional and academic achievements, no HR manager will entertain your job application in the long run. Pertaining to the present-day scenario of the pandemic, world economy has suffered its wrath in many shapes and forms. The worldwide employment market is said to be one of the most affected areas in 2020. As a result, most unemployed people, including the ones who are sacked, are looking forward to some good news in 2021. They are already on the lookout for free online resume builder to upgrade their CVs, so that things fall back into place, by next year.

Now, this would make things all the more competitive in terms of applying for jobs and cracking interviews. Thus, one must stay updated with all the latest resume formats that could come into play next years. So, invest your time in reading this blog and set your best foot forward in 2021.

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1. Chronological resume template

The chronological resume templates is said to be one of the oldest and most used templates. As suggested by the name, all the essential elements in this format are meant to be included in the reverse-chronological format. Here, you need to include your personal information, academic qualifications and professional achievement in accordance with a date or year-wise achievement.

Check out one illustrative example, below.

Chronological resume template

2. Functional Resume Format

Next up, is the functional resume template. This is one resume format that fully focuses on the aspect of highlighting key professional skills. And, it goes without saying that “professional skill” is the most important aspect that comes under the scanner of every progressive HR manager. Take note of the two most critical questions one just answers while composing resume in accordance with the functional template.

  • Who you are and what have you achieved till date?
  • What professional skill has helped you make a mark of excellence in your realm of employment?
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In addition to answering these questions in your resume content, you should prioritise areas such as:

  • Employment history
  • Education and training
  • Community involvements

Here is an example of the functional resume, for referential clarity.

Functional Resume Format

3. Targeted Resume Format

The targeted resume format is all about how specific the potential candidate turns out to be. As the name suggests, the targeted resume template focuses on the specifications of the candidate’s achievements, key skills, industry, academic specialisation and the likes. There is no scope for fluffs or unnecessary exaggeration of qualification or industrial expertise.

Here’s what you must include in a targeted resume.

  • Industry specifications, for example, E-commerce, Management, Marketing or Data Mining
  • Inclusion of academic qualifications, which are directly relevant to your area of professional expertise.

The idea is to be as specific and industry-oriented as you can, while going about a targeted resume. Well, take a look at an elaborative example of the targeted resume format.

4. Combination Resume Format

As the name suggests, the combination resume is basically an amalgamation of the chronological and functional resume essentials. Here are all the necessary components and exclusivities that would create the perfect combination resume. Take a look.

  • You need to list out skills and qualifications, right at the top of the resume.
  • Now, you need to organise and include chronological job history, right at the bottom of the skills and qualifications section.
  • This particular resume template demands you to highlight skills and professional expertise that would essentially make you the best fit for the job.
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Here is an example of how “combination-resume “looks like.

Combination Resume Format

5. Non-Traditional Resume

Now, this is one unique form of resume template that comprises a lot of unconventional components, just in order to make the CV look catchy and uniquely impressive in the eyes of HR managers. In non-traditional resumes, candidates can use photos, graphs, images and other visuals to make the entire document look attractive.

However, it is equally crucial for them to stick to the point, demonstrate or highlight skills and qualifications without much exaggeration.

Even though they would use images and other graphics to make the resume aesthetically appealing, each and every inclusion must be relevant to the industry the candidates would serve. It is said that candidates willing to stand ahead of the crowd in professions such as graphic designing, journalism and other creative domains, find non-traditional resumes the best fit.

Here’s one example for you to refer to.

Non-Traditional Resume

Parting Thoughts,

I feel safe to assume that you are now successfully introduced to the five most talked about and potentially important resume formats to make rounds in 2021. So, read through this blog quite carefully, spot and abide by the template that would suit your niche with perfection.


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