7 Reasons Why Keeping Spare Car Keys is Essential!

Keeping Spare Car Keys

Since not all car dealers provide spare keys with a vehicle purchase, anyone who only has one original key runs the risk of severe consequences if it is forgotten or lost!

A spare vehicle key is a vital asset for any car owner since it allows owners to have additional alternatives, which may relieve stress on both an emotional and monetary level in the long run. It’s also good to keep more than one pair of extra car remote keys on hand. For example, one set may be given to a family member or close acquaintance.

Even if you believe you’ll never need one, having a backup vehicle key is always a good idea. Here are seven significant advantages of keeping a spare set of car keys.

  1. Fast Solutions

If you ever find yourself in the horrible scenario of locking yourself out of your vehicle, having a spare set on hand will come in handy. With spare car remote keys, the most pressing difficulty you face is acquiring that extra set of keys.

  1. Cost-Effective

Having a spare car key can assist owners to save on car key replacement costs if they are ever locked out of their vehicle and need an emergency locksmith to replace their keys.

When it comes to emergency locksmith services, the price goes up like everything in life. For example, it is much more expensive to arrange a locksmith to travel to your locked-out vehicle and gain access when locked out of your vehicle, rather than having a backup key and arranging a locksmith to cut you a car key replacement.

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Essentially, you want to make sure that your extra key is always available in case you need it to avoid incurring any unwanted charges. For example, some people keep their backup vehicle key at home, work, or even with friends.

  1. Keys Are Easier to Replace

A spare car remote key makes replacement much more straightforward for drivers, and it saves them a lot of time in what could have been a time-consuming procedure. For example, if you shatter your keys or something occurs to them that necessitates a car key replacement, you may quickly cut a new replacement car key from your spare key. Cutting automobile keys is one of the locksmiths’ considerable skills, but it’s a lot easier operation when there’s a spare key involved.

If you have a spare automobile key, it gives the locksmith the easiest and most effective way for duplicating your key. For example, they might simply duplicate the parameters of your spare automobile key while cutting your new car key replacement.

If you don’t have a spare vehicle key, however, the locksmith will have to disassemble your ignition or use other means to retrieve your car key code so that they can cut you a replacement. Unfortunately, none of these options is quick, simple, or inexpensive. This is one of the primary reasons why having a spare vehicle key on hand might be advantageous.

  1. Security

Having extra vehicle keys provides you peace of mind since you know that you’ll always have a backup no matter what happens to your primary key. Having spare vehicle keys also gives you peace of mind by removing your anxieties about situations like accidental lockouts. Spare vehicle keys are also helpful if you are in a hurry and have misplaced your original key.

  1. More Practical for Two Drivers
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When two people share a car, having spare keys is a fantastic idea. Having a single key in such a setting might unwittingly create a situation where you are someplace else with the key, and your companion needs the keys simultaneously. In circumstances where your spouse or child requires access to your vehicle, extra car remote keys are essential to avoid unnecessary fights!

  1. Minimise Risks of Lockouts

Most individuals do not contemplate a lockout scenario, and they cannot because lockouts are always unintentional. For example, being locked out of a vehicle is paralysing because your mobility has been taken away; spare car keys can quickly get you out of a jam!

It’s impossible to predict when a lockout will occur, which is why it’s so aggravating. A spare vehicle key can lessen your worry and anxiety that a car lockout can occur. Having a spare car key will provide you with a cost-effective solution to re-enter your vehicle without causing any damage to it.

Additionally, you will be stuck for a shorter amount of time, which will improve your overall personal safety (especially in a remote, unfamiliar location). If you don’t have a backup key on hand at such a time, you may have to call a 24-Hour Locksmith (if it’s late at night). 

  1. Spare Car Keys Help Prevent Key and Lock Damage

It’s unwise to believe that automobile keys are indestructible, but in reality, they are prone to damage and wear over time. This is a regular occurrence that happens to even the best-made car remote keys, but the behaviours of their owners tend to accelerate the process.

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Plus, a car key replacement might assist reduce the wear and tear on your original key. This is due to the fact that having a spare vehicle key allows you to replace keys often, ensuring that no key is overused and exposed to potentially harmful materials regularly. This simple approach works best when used in conjunction with appropriate key care.

You will observe that if you do not adequately manage these keys, they will both begin to wear out, negating the benefit of having a second car key. Furthermore, having a backup car key decreases the likelihood of requiring an ignition cylinder replacement or other maintenance services from a locksmith.

What are You Waiting For? Get a Car Key Replacement NOW!

Spare car remote keys might mean the difference between having a great day and having a day you wish you could forget. They are valuable assets that every vehicle owner should take advantage of since they come in handy when you least expect them.

We hope you find these tips are useful and they assist you in obtaining a spare car remote key and adequately maintaining and caring for it. If you don’t already have a backup, it’s time to call your auto locksmith immediately to have that critical backup car key cut and prepare for the unexpected as best you can.

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