10 Ways to Find Someone’s Email Address (Level Up Your Outreach Game)

Let me ask you a question! How long does it have been that you’re digging for email addresses of your prospects? Well, you might be happy to learn that you can achieve email addresses without paying a penny in the simplest way possible. That’s the Internet! Yes, absolutely! 

For cold callings, you probably need to find email addresses to outreach your potential clients. Isn’t it? You can easily reach out to them on social media but it isn’t always a successful approach. Times like these have proved that a personalised email works better than a generalised marketing email to build a strong connection. Whatever be the reason for you to look for a particular email address, there are plenty of ways to find it. 

 We give you free ways to find potential email addresses and company info of your prospects. 

You can head to their company website:

This is the most common way to outreach your clients, yet the most effective one. Many companies list their staff members details on their website in the “About us” or “Contact us” page so use this basic information to reach your client. Also, if the website contains a news site- its a great way to get PR contact email addresses in their articles. 

You can google and find it:

Google is an ocean of information. You must be smart in searching the plethora of information google provides. Google has a search feature where you may find an email address of the concerned person. How? It’s simple. Just type the name of the person on google search bar and the word email or contact details and there you go! Voila! 

You can also try searching differently such as the name of the person with their company’s name or their job title. Using smart ways such as business directory to search for the company’s contact details and keywords can help you to get the email address without paying a dime. 

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Based on established email addresses, you can extrapolate:

Let me also share a hack with you. Suppose you are looking to reach out to the CEO of a particular company, say Martin. But the email address of the concerned person is not available on their website. How do you find it? Most businesses use a common format for employee email addresses, such as firstname.lastname@company.com or just the firstname@companycom   

So, if an admin’s email address is julie.jacobs@company.com try using martin.jonas@company.com 

It isn’t hard to crack the code even if you get one person’s email address provided you must know the name of the person you wish to reach out. 

Although there can be one drawback here- in the company, there can be more than 2 people of the same name which can make it tricker to reach your potential variation. Anyway it’s surely worth a try. Yes in most cases, this surely works. Happy emailing to you. You can thank us later 🙂

You can dig in by using advanced google search:

If you wish to check their guess at an email address is correct, you may try advanced google search. You can type the email address you feel is right in the google search bar. You will see if your guess was right in the search results. But in case, it does not show relevance then you must keep trying until you reach the right email address. This is the most straightforward method of double-checking your guess.

Additionally, you can find business from phone numbers. You can type in google search bar company;s phone number- including the area code- and click on the search button. 

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You may join Zoom info:

We are sure you didn’t know this one. If you plugin Zoom info with your Outlook in providing access to your contacts, then in return you get 10 free contacts from their database each month. In the world of Coronavirus Outbreak, million of Millions are using Zoom to conduct meetings and do their business online. Hence, Zoom has an extensive data of businesses and company profiles which makes it ideal to find email addresses. 

You can try connect to an admin:

If you have the phone number of a company’s administrator, see if you can get the email address of a potential client. This is going to be a bit challenging because you need to be creative when asking for an email Id. 

After greetings with the admin, see if they can help you to get an email address of a particular person. Many people are willing to help. You can confirm the email address if you have a guess. Usually, they can correct you in between if the email address is wrong which makes your day beautiful! 

You can track by checking their social media page: 

This is a new world of social media where millions are actively using social media platforms for personal or professional use. Use this tool to your advantage. Sometimes, people tend to update their email address on social media pages. This is also a very common tactic to find an email address. Just take a few minutes of your time to check their social media profiles. 

Look for personal websites and blogs:

Ten out of one individual wants to create their own brand and for that reason they have their own websites and blogs to share information they have. If you’re struggling to find an email address from the company’s website try and look for their websites and blogs. Most people with their own website and blogs tweet or add links on Linkedin of their particular blogs. If you are lucky, you may find one and use that information to your benefit. You may also check the Global database Website to look for information. 

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People search sites:

You may look for information on people’s search sites that contain information and contact details. However, sometimes the information is outdated but it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. Who knows? You might get lucky! 


Jigsaw.com does provide information but it comes with a cost. They have a model where you provide one contact information and they will allow you to get one in return without any charge. However, there is no guarantee of accuracy provided by the website on the information given. 

Are you ready to generate sales for your company? Best of luck! Do your research well. Spare some time to look up for your potential clients with the help of the above tips. Also, if these don’t work out for you, then there are a number of paid tools that may be helpful. Or else the other way is to reach out on social media and see if you can build a connection. To get a person’s attention, it’s important to find the right email address. Statistics say that only 8.5% of outreach emails get response to their emails. So, it is vital to spend some time in reaching the right email address.

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