Scholarship Programs for Year 11 Students

Scholarship Programs

SUMMARY: International level high school education in Surat is quite hefty. Scholarships provide financial relief for parents who want this level of education for their children. When you are aware of the available scholarship opportunities in Surat, it will help you select the one that can benefit a high school student.

Scholarship Programs for Year 11 Students

Like any other education system around the world, the cost of education in Surat increases as you advance to another level. Whether you are in a public or private school, the tuition fees increase by a certain percentage depending on the school.  Therefore, as a high school freshman, you may receive an increment in your fee structure.  The increment caters to the additional resources and facilities you will require to advance your high school education. However, the institution is aware that many students may not be able to afford the annual financial requirements of GIIS hence the introduction of scholarships that can allow deserving students to access quality GIIS high school education. Here is a list of scholarships that are available to high school students.

Merit-based scholarships

This scholarship is for students who continue to deliver outstanding academic performance. The Global Schools Foundation selects various students who receive the Global Future-Ready Merit scholarship. The class 11 scholarship allows them to pursue high school education at the Global Indian International School branches in Noida, Pune-Balewadi and Hadapsar, Bangalore-Whitefield, and Bannerghatta. The Future-Ready Merit scholarship has a tenure of two years; that means if a student wins the scholarship, it can cater to the entire high school education. Receiving a merit scholarship gives you access to prominent universities and undergraduate programs. A merit-based scholarship aims to encourage academic excellence.

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Merit-Cum-Means scholarships

The merit-cum-means educational scholarship allows Surat residents from low-income to afford quality education for their children. The Global Schools Foundation researches each applicant’s background and family income before selecting a student that deserves the award. Although you may be financially unstable, you need to attain the GIIS pass mark of 90% and above or an A mean grade to qualify for the scholarship. GFS introduced the Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-Cum-Means scholarship to cater to the low-income earners in India.

Career-based scholarships

At GIIS, nurturing innovative and entrepreneurial skills is of utmost importance. The Global School Foundation identifies students who have unique skills in digital technology. They receive a scholarship that gives them access to resources that encourage the innovation of scientific gadgets and apps through experimentation. This scholarship can create outstanding scientists, engineers, and IT experts. The Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship recognises students who have an inclination towards technology and science experiments.

Talent-based scholarships

Global Indian International School aims to provide all-round development for each student. The scholarship applications are not limited to students who have stellar academic performance only. GFS recognises that a student’s skills and talents can lead to their success. The students who portray some of the nine GEMS that are part of the GIIS mission receive this wholesome scholarship from GSF. The GEMS include:

  • visual and performing arts
  •  entrepreneurship and leadership
  •  creativity and innovation
  •  sports excellence
  • personality development
  •  community care
  • skill development
  • universal values and ethics
  • academic excellence

Students who portray these GEMS and have spectacular talents can qualify for the 9GEM Holistic Development scholarship. The holistic scholarship aims to groom the high school students into distinguished global citizens who can fit in anywhere in the world and produce stellar results. Every part of the GIIS curricula enhances the significance of holistic development for students. This scholarship is recognised internationally and increases your scope of undergrad programs and universities.

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Athletics scholarship

Extracurricular activities are a significant part of any high school. Students need time to unwind and enjoy fun games and activities. However, through these games, you may land a scholarship for your high school education. The students who have outstanding abilities in various sports receive the GIIS Global Sports scholarship.  GIIS competes in a lot of sporting events every year. Therefore, through the Global Schools Foundation, GIIS, Surat recognises students who effortlessly continue to represent the school in sporting events at the state and national level. The institution provides support to encourage growth and sports excellence for the student and the school.

Benefits of a GIIS high school scholarship

  1. GIIS is a highly accredited international school that provides quality education for all students
  2. The student will gain access to reputable universities and top-notch undergrad programs worldwide
  3. The conducive learning environment at GIIS promote holistic development
  4. The students gain international exposure by learning from highly skilled educators from all over the world and interacting with various international students.
  5. The technology at GIIS promotes innovation and creativity.
  6. The students have time to focus on their studies without worrying about tuition, accommodation, and transport.
  7. GIIS provides support for every student through guidance counsellors and various holistic programs.

High school education does not have to be expensive and out of reach for deserving students. Through these scholarships, GIIS intends to give back to the community and provide a fair chance for every student to access quality education. Every three months, we award deserving students scholarships that will change the trajectory of their future

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