9 Speciality Nursing Careers that You can Consider

Nursing Careers

With lifestyles deteriorating, we have become prone to several ailments. As a result, this has been catalytic in spearheading a disrupting growth in the field of nursing. Even in the foreseeable future, nursing will offer lucrative career opportunities, with a 15% growth rate by 2026 as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

However, several specialties continue to suffer from shortages in nursing staff, giving rise to high demand for more registered nurses. This is your opportunity to tap into the situation and pursue one of the specialties with more openings. And if you are worried about the coursework pressure, you can always sign up for assignment help from online experts.

Without further ado,

let us check out nine nursing specialties with a surge in demand for qualified nurses.

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1. Registered Nurse (RN)

To be a registered nurse, you must have an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s degree in health science. You will also have to take exams to obtain the State Nursing License. As a registered nurse, you will have to coordinate with the patient and educate them about various health conditions.

You may also have to advise and provide emotional support to patients and their family members. Once you become an RN, you can take specialty tests as per your interest.

Average Salary Scale– $60,300 – $75,900 per annum

2. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

As a CRNA, your responsibility would be to assist surgeons with anesthesia during surgeries. To become a certified nurse anesthetist, you need to have a Master’s Degree (MSN) besides being an RN.

You will also need a CRNA certification along with one-year of experience in Acute Care Setting.

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You will be appointed in surgical centers and hospitals. You may even work under specialty doctors.

Average Salary Scale– $153,780 per annum

3. Critical Care Nurse

The role of a critical care nurse can range from tending to severe wounds to providing patients with life support systems and monitoring stats under stressful scenarios.

CCNs are also trained to work in contingency situations like taking care of victims in a natural disaster, terrorist attacks and pandemics. Apart from the qualifications of an RN, you will also need certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Average Salary Scale –$71,694 per annum

4. ER Nurse

To become an ER nurse, you must have a certification for Emergency Nursing apart from the RN license. You will be hired by hospitals where you will have to evaluate and stabilize patients in the emergency room.

Apart from tending to basic wounds and ailments, you should also have the required training to administer medication to a patient after reviewing his or her medical charts.

Average Salary Scale –$62,010 per annum

5. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners require a Master’s Degree or a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree. As a nurse practitioner, your responsibility would be to take care of primary as well as specialty patients.

Once you become a practitioner, you can take tests and obtain further certifications depending on the specialty of your interest. Based on the certifications and the orders of the hospital or the specialty doctor, you may have to order testing, prescribe medication and perform physical examinations.

Average Salary Scale –$103,880 per annum

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6. Geriatric Nursing

As a geriatric nurse, your sole responsibility would be to treat injuries and ailments of older patients and improve their quality of life. So, apart from being a registered nurse, you will need specialization in taking care of older patients with long-term illnesses such as cancer or Alzheimer’s.

You will be hired mostly by hospitals, nursing homes and hospice centers. You might also find job opportunities in specialty doctor’s offices.

Average Salary Scale –$66,169 per annum

7. Mental Health Nurse

As a mental health nurse, you may have to do counseling on your patients. Apart from the qualifications of a registered nurse, it would help if you study psychology while pursuing nursing.

You will be recruited in rehabilitation centers, psychiatric facilities and in hospitals. With mental health being a pressing issue in today’s world, this field will have several vistas opening up for you.

Average Salary Scale –$64,500 per annum

8. Oncology Nurse

Apart from the qualifications of an RN, you will have to fulfil 1000 hours as an RN on the floor to become an oncology nurse. Your job would be to educate cancer patients about the treatment options and their remission status.

As an oncology nurse, it will be your responsibility to monitor the progress of your patients, study their symptoms, and prescribe medications. The usual places of recruitment would be hospitals with specialized cancer treatment centers.

Average Salary Scale –$65,470 per annum

9. Pediatric Nurse

A pediatric nurse is an RN who specializes in caring for infants and children. Like most nurses, a pediatric nurse must know how to perform physical examinations, read symptoms and develop treatment plans.

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You may be hired by doctors in their chambers. You might also be recruited in hospitals and nursing homes that specialize in maternity and childbirth.

Average Salary Scale –$64,600 per annum

Parting words,

Nursing isn’t just about the certifications and degrees. As a nurse, you must have analytical and communication skills. On top of everything, you must be empathetic and show patience so that the person who needs care feels loved.

So, take up any of these specialties and give back to the society. All the best!

Author Bio: Henry Howkins is a registered nurse who works in one of the most renowned hospitals in the States. She is also a passionate teacher who is associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com, where she offers nursing assignment help. In her free time, Twyla loves to trek across the countryside.

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